Wedding DJs VS Bands: Which one is the best? 

Weddings are one the happiest occasions that come in a person’s life once in a lifetime. Having a wedding is not an easy task. There are a lot of areas to focus on. A great deal of planning is required to make sure everything is to the right taste. Not only this whole planning but you can never forget the greatest element of a wedding, music!

With time we have seen a ton of changes in the music tastes that can be seen in a normal wedding as well as a high-class one. There are a number of options in this regard. There are two main options that almost everybody likes nowadays. With them, you can actually make any type of wedding a high grand function. These two are none other than your Wedding DJs and your wedding bands. Both DJs and bands are of totally different genres. Both of them have their clashes in music. Each one has its own charm and perks. Not sure which one to choose for your wedding? Well, you don’t have to worry as we are about to find out which is better a Wedding DJ or a band.



So what is it that matters whenever you want music for your wedding? The cost. Whether you can afford it or not is something that can alter your choice of having a Wedding DJ or a band for your wedding as both of them are on a different scale from the other. Wedding DJs are a bit cheaper as compared to bands in terms of financial affordability. The reason is that a DJ requires a sound system and a platform to set up his location on. Talking about wedding bands at the same time they require several individuals to perform at the same time in a common rhythm and working sync so nothing goes wrong.



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Pros of having a Wedding DJ 

There are several reasons why you should get a Wedding DJ. Let’s have a look.

  • Wedding DJs as compared to bands are much more affordable and cheap.
  • DJs are capable of playing almost every tune you want even the recently released ones.
  • A wedding DJ can perform in every kind of atmosphere.
  • If you have a sound restriction in your area, a DJ is the best option.
  • A Wedding DJ can easily accommodate any kind of music request and tune in no time.
  • A wedding DJ can also be accompanied by a grand light show as a great event for your wedding.
  • You can use their great sound system to get some great speeches done while honouring your guests.

Cons of having a Wedding DJ

  • Then again there are some limitations as to what you are getting for yourself. Let’s review the cons.
  • Some Wedding DJs are inclined to only play their playlists and refrain from taking requests even on demand.
  • Oftentimes, you have little control over how they interact with guests or perform, so they might not fit your wedding’s concept.
  • A DJ may not have much stage presence or visual entertainment.
  • DJs cannot reproduce the acoustic and visual performances of live wedding bands.
  • Some DJs charge a lot of money and insist that you hire lights and sound professionals as part of their package.
  • Some DJs are included in wedding packages that you receive at the location but they might not be your first pick.

Pros of having a Wedding Band

A live performance is always fun and exciting. Let’s have a look at what a wedding band offers.

  • The unparalleled audiovisual experience of live performances by musicians
  • Live musical wedding bands can play a wide variety of music to accommodate all tastes or very particular musical themes.
  • Live bands are typically excellent at engaging the crowd and maintaining packed dance floors.
  • Any wedding with a live band has an air of exclusivity and individuality.
  • A wedding band can make first dances sound wonderful and incredibly intimate.
  • Live wedding bands will occasionally allow you or your friends to perform alongside them.
  • Wedding bands can customize setlists featuring first dances, particularly for you.
  • Most wedding venues may accommodate live wedding bands.

Cons of having a Wedding band 

To an end to everything, there is always a price to pay. Following are the cons of having a wedding band on your great day.

  • Live wedding music can be pricey.
  • There are occasionally more difficult logistical considerations for live wedding bands.
  • In most cases, live wedding bands cannot duplicate the DJ club atmosphere.
  • Certain wedding bands may be too loud and huge for locations with severe sound regulations.
  • Because not every band offers background music, you might need to hire a DJ or create your playlists.
  • Most wedding bands are accustomed to only one genre and are unable to accommodate a variety of musical preferences.

Which one to prefer Wedding DJ or a Wedding Band?

Both types of wedding music setups have their own charm. It is important to note that some weddings may require them to be completely unsuitable. The advantages and disadvantages of each are listed here to get you started on the road to wedding entertainment wisdom.


Wedding DJ Packages

Customize DJ packages to suit your needs precisely with an open-format DJ operating with the latest professional industry-standard equipment, offering a fully licensed & insured service that focuses on fun for all ages.
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Wedding DJs and bands are quite a great delicacy that one can have at their weddings for both fun and enjoyment at the same time. Choosing the better option of a wedding DJ VS a Band is quite a difficult task. There are a number of factors that need to be considered whenever you are looking into this matter. On the higher end choosing a wedding DJ is a preferable choice as it is not too much costly and provides you with an adventurous club life experience. At the same time having a live band is something that people love for the fascinating attraction you can get from it. In a conclusion, it would be completely true to accept the fact that a wedding DJ is a much preferable and better choice.


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Dhanji Halai
Dhanji Halai
Absolute brilliant and skilled DJ, Maj's knowledge on different musical styles and how to transition them is mind blowing. We hired Maj for our corporate party and everyone loved him. Old and young, 80s and new school he had it all. Highly recommended entertainment.
Tony Fakhouri
Tony Fakhouri
DJMaj-ik , thank you for an unforgettable wedding , very sincere and attentive to our every needs. Great communication leading and during the wedding, would highly recommend this amazing talent. If you want quality then DJMaj-il is your guy. Thank you from Tony and Daini for making our day extra special 😇🥳
Rainbow Manager
Rainbow Manager
Top class DJ, we use him for our restaurant party and events work. Honest, reliable and understands the importance of customer service. Highly recommended entertainment supplier 10/10
tamil posts
tamil posts
We used DJMaj-ik for my wedding engagement and he was amazing! All of our guests can not stop commenting on the music he played with something for everyone to dance too. 80s 90s classics mixed in with new songs for young and old to dance to. Highly recommended, super talented DJ
Indie Panesar
Indie Panesar
Great music selection. All genres catered for.
John Smith
John Smith
Any music any style, djmaj-ik was amazing. He killed it on my brothers wedding. Best in the business book him and you won’t regret it
Hersh Verma
Hersh Verma
Was amazing great mix of hip hop bhangra and bollywood music for an 18th
faisal raja
faisal raja
Top tier experience, best dj about.
Shreyes Beats
Shreyes Beats
He was absolutely amazing and kept the energy throughout. The best DJ for any occasion!
Christina Youakim
Christina Youakim
We hired DJ Maj-ik for our wedding and it was the best decision we made. He was prompt and in the run up to the wedding, he went above and beyond to make everything as smooth as possible. Not to mention how talented he is… DJ Maj-ik was able to gauge exactly the vibe of the crowd and kept everyone on their feet dancing all night! Could not recommend him more