Frequently Asked Wedding DJ Questions

Let's Answer Some of Your Questions

Almost every DJ will require a deposit or retainer to secure your date. This is for their protection and yours. The industry standard for deposits is 25%.
Professional grade and the latest in audio and visual technology. Industry-standard PAT tested equipment from Pioneer DJ, Apple, RCF, QSC, Sennheiser, Shure, Serato DJ Pro, Technics, ADJ, AKI and Chauvet DJ, including a backup system, so the music never stops.
Rates differ per event due to location, equipment required, and the total length of time needed.

I have heard many stories of “iPod Dj’s” ruining a reception by playing inappropriate music. It takes experience and an unselfish DJ to play songs that a crowd wants to hear and dance to.

It is nearly impossible to plan a good wedding dance ahead of time, especially without a lot of experience performing for an audience.

Also, in most situations, it is not easy to set up and run high-level audio equipment correctly, and If they are not using professional-grade equipment, there is a good chance it will over-heat or malfunction at a high level of output. An iPod is not a DJ. It is a music player that has no clue who the guests are and the type of music they want to dance to.

You are welcome to customise the packages to suit your needs precisely with an open-format DJ only playing great music that makes you dance! Musical styles are established together to ensure completed satisfaction with songs that match your tastes!

Every event is unique from the demographics of the audience, the number of guests, total length of time needed and location. However, the goal is the same, “to do whatever it takes to ensure clients have a successful event, one without glitches and awkward moments from start to finish.

I provide a fully licensed & insured service that focuses on fun for all ages making your event one to remember. Ask some friends that are married how important choosing the right DJ is.

A bespoke entertainment services to those that want a high-end quality service from an experienced professional without the ego and the ridiculous price tag.

Flexible & professional DJ that’s open to requests, adapting to the audience and playing for the crowd. It’s about you and your guests having a great time.

Specialist in over 30 different genres of music, providing appropriate entertainment for your event. Enjoy a broad genre of great-sounding music with a versatile DJ who knows all styles of play and how to transition them. A variety of guests requires a variety of music. I guarantee you will receive a well-constructed, custom DJ set mixed to perfection with a little something for everyone to shake a leg too.

A free consultation appointment, This will ensure that everything is perfect, down to the last detail.

I need about 8-foot by 12-foot area for set-up [approximately], space for setting up speakers, table and lighting (if applicable) with a reliable power source within 10 feet (along the wall) of the DJ set-up area.
Yes, up to £10M Public Liability Insurance (required by venues)
Yes, a wireless microphone is included in all the packages for guests’ toasts, blessings, and any other speeches that need to be made.
ABSOLUTELY! Why not, Unless you don’t want me to! I have some of everything and specialise in a variety of music. You will most likely have people of all ages, races and tastes in music attending your event, so the best way to play what some of these people like is by taking requests.
NONE. The only time I stop the music is for announcements or special events. Other issues may also cause a stoppage, such as an accident, power outage. Otherwise, no breaks are scheduled for DJ services.
No, but it is nice if a meal is provided by the client.
About an hour in most cases.
Two hours or more, depending on the required equipment so that everything can be set up securely, checked, tested and out of the way before the guests arrive.
I am a professional and base my performance style on the type of crowd and choice of music, which means, if the crowd is older, I will keep a quieter profile and if the crowd is young and into House, Hip Hop and R&B, then I get more involved. My philosophy is more music and a lot less talking. People want to dance, enjoy the music and have fun!!!.
ABSOLUTELY! once I have received your must-play song list, I will then take the time out to customise a bespoke playlist to make your day as unique as possible. You will most likely have people of all ages and tastes in music coming. DJMaj-ik’s style is about taking the room on a musical journey, adapting to the audience and playing to the crowd. Catering to today’s mixed-demographic, multicultural crowds, you can be sure to hear a bespoke DJ set every time.

Choosing The Right DJ

First of all, a wedding is a costly event by itself, so hiring a DJ that can play the appropriate music for your event is undoubtedly one of the essential parts of planning any event. It’s important to select the right DJ as the feedback from an invitee well-versed in party music can quickly bring on that dreaded sensation known as awkwardness.
Therefore before you start your DJ search, never forget that:
01 The fees should not go beyond £2000 (£600 being the lower limit). For every 4 hours played, overtime should be between £100 and £150 per hour.
02 The appointed disc jockey should be fully insured with valid certification and have their own professional-grade tested equipment, ensuring everything works.
03 There are too many horror stories to count about music malfunctions that ruined an otherwise beautiful wedding ceremony or reception, which is why choosing an open-format DJ could save headaches and time wasted later on. It’s essential to be able to plan your wedding or other large social events with as little stress as possible.
04 One way to minimize the worry and fuss over a seamless day is to find a flexible DJ that perfectly fits your budget and style. An ideal wedding DJ would guide you through the process, listen to your likes and dislikes, and create an event to remember without any worry on your part.
05 The appointed disc jockey chosen can make or break the entire event in terms of bringing great mood, which will result in great photos, so it’s important to select an experienced and talented professional for such a job.
06 It’s very important for you to pick a professional that you can trust to have your best interest at heart and to give you the memorable moment of your life. They must be willing to take the extra steps to help you get the most talked-about wedding in town and meet your needs in any way they can.
07 The appointed DJ should be open to requests and flexible in playing appropriate music for the event.
08 Are they experienced in playing at events similar to yours? and able to provide demo samples of their music mixing and blending skills, “ No DJ’s are the same in pretty much anyway.”
09 Find out what the plan is for failed equipment. If this is not covered, you may want to consider finding another DJ.
10 DO NOT hire a DJ without an agreement! I have had several couples call me last minute saying that their entertainment has backed out on them!!! Oh man, can you imagine? Don’t let that happen to you.
11 DO ask who your DJ will be. Large companies have several DJ’s on their payroll. You don’t want to be stuck with an inexperienced DJ or someone who doesn’t know how to play different music styles for a mixed-demographic, multicultural crowd.

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Customer Reviews