Wedding Entertainer



First of all, Wedding is a costly event by itself, so families attempt to go simple on the music part. They require a few tunes to dance along, and this is where they commit the most crucial error. Agreed, there is considerable variance between a £700 and a £1200 efficiency package from a DJ. However even if you are spending in the reduced limit, you have to get the right DJ as the feedback from an invitee well-versed in party-music can quickly bring on that dreaded sensation known as awkwardness.

To begin with, we need to understand the class a DJ drops into qualitatively. This way, they may be placed under four heads, namely – bad, average, good quality and excellent.


You can get a general summary that 40% of DJs are bad; 30% are average, 20% are good, and the remaining 10% are excellent.

Hiring a DJ that can play the appropriate music for your event is without a doubt one of the essential parts of planning any event.

Your objective, hence, bought to be set at the final 10% and ought not to cross the next 20% downwards. For, however, the remaining 70% may look like OK to a standard individual who does not event very much.

The most important point to cover while selecting your wedding disc jockey is that everything stays at par; a dull place with good quality food, wine and average DJ setup, songs is going to create a more negative feeling compared to an average-to-good venue, meals and great sounding music, professional DJ setup.

Think of DJs as Chefs,

Songs are their ingredients & Parties are their restaurants
They may use the same ingredients, but they all cook differently So choose a DJ that serves you best”

The most important point to cover while selecting your wedding disc jockey is that everything stays at par; a bad place with good quality food and wine and average songs is going to create a more negative feeling compared to an average-to-good venue, meals and wine and music.

Therefore before you start your DJ search, never forget that:
The appointed disc jockey should not be a human being jukebox.
The fees should not go beyond £1300 (£600 being the lower limit) For each 4 hours played overtime should be between £75 and £120 per hour.
The appointed disc jockey should be fully insured with valid certification and have their own professional grade tested equipment ensuring everything works.
There are too many horror stories to count about music malfunctions that ruined an otherwise beautiful wedding ceremony or reception, which is why choosing an Open Format DJ could save headaches and time wasted later on. It’s important to be able to plan your wedding or other large social events with as little stress as possible. One way to minimize the worry and fuss over a seamless day is to find a Flexible DJ that fits your budget and style perfectly. An ideal wedding DJ would guide you through the process, listen to your likes and dislikes, and create an event to remember without any worry on your part.
The appointed disc jockey chosen can make or break the entire event in terms of bringing great mood which will definitely result to great photos, so it’s important to select an experienced and talented professional for such a job.
It’s very important for you to pick a professional that you can trust to have your best interest at heart and to give you the memorable moment of your life. willing to take the extra step to help you get the most talked about wedding in town or meet your needs in any way they can.
The appointed disc jockey should be open to requests and flexible playing appropriate music for the event. Are able to provide demo samples for mixing and blending skills, are they experienced in playing at events similar to yours? “ No DJ’s are the same in pretty much anyway”
Find out what the plan is for failed equipment. If this is not covered, you may want to consider finding another DJ
DO NOT hire a DJ without an agreement! I have had several couples call me last minute saying that their entertainment has backed out on them!!! Oh man, can you imagine? Don’t let that happen to you
DO ask who your DJ will be. Large companies have several DJ’s on their payroll and you don’t want to be stuck with an in-experienced DJ or someone who doesn’t know a lot of different music styles

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